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Floor Plans & Elevations

When beginning your remodeling or redesign project, it can be difficult to visualize how your new space will look with all the pieces in place. At Beyond Interior Design, we draw up floor plans and elevations to illustrate placement of furniture, cabinet arrangements, and more.

Floor plans give a bird’s eye view of the space and show exactly where the construction materials or furniture will be placed, how pieces will look together, and how your room will function.

Elevations are detailed drawings that show the construction materials, including custom cabinetry and furniture pieces, in an upright position and in place.

Floor plans and elevations are essential tools in the analysis of your design project before jumping into creation of custom pieces and implementation of your plans. These digital drawings can help identify any needed adjustments to the design before pieces go into production, materials are ordered, and construction is begun.

Whether for new construction, renovation, or a redecorating project, we’ll create detailed floor plans to help you fully visualize the design from floor to ceiling.