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Entertainment Centers

Customize your living room and take your entertainment to the next level with custom-built cabinetry for entertainment centers and more! Beyond Interior Design can design and build a tailor-made entertainment or home theater system for beautiful style and sophisticated function in your living room.

If you’ve always wanted to install an entertainment center in your home, we can help. We design and build home theater systems and custom wall cabinets for flat screens, mounted televisions, hidden DVD and cable boxes, and all your other electronics. For some projects, we bring in an audio-video expert to ensure your cables and wires are incorporated into the design correctly and that everything works together optimally.

We can help you decide where to mount your television set—on the wall, on a stand, or in another location—and decide how to incorporate components such as the television, cables, and other equipment into the cabinetry. And if you think you will be buying a larger television set in the future, we can build the space to meet all eventualities.

We work closely with you to understand your requirements and preferences and to make your vision a reality for great at-home entertainment.

Beyond Interior Design also designs custom cabinetry projects for desks, bookcases, and more.